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Senad Tours
Senad Tours
Our Routes

Summer Daily Routes: Ohrid Vlora Saranda Durres Tirana

Organized Trips

  • Ohrid - Struga - Thessaloniki
  • Ohrid - Struga - Durres
  • Ohrid - Struga - Budva
  • Ohrid - Struga - Tirana

Saranda Ohrid
>Vlora Ohrid
Ohrid Saranda
Ohrid Vlora
Ohrid Durres
Ohrid Tirana
Struga Saranda
Struga Vlora
Struga Durres
About us

Senad Tours is one of the leading companies in the region that offers the service of passenger transport in the desired destinations.

Senad Tours was registered as a company for transport of passengers in the year 2001.

At the beggining, we have started with activities in the Local Route: Velesta - Struga - Velesta,

In 2003 we began with the Route: Struga - Tetovo - Struga, and during the summer season also: Struga - Durres - Struga

After already 10 years experience, in 2013 the network of the Routes was expanded.

Struga - Ohrid - Tetovo every day on: 07:45 and 18:00
Tetova - Ohrid - Struga every day on: 09:00 and 16:00

During the summer season, from 1 June to 30 September

Struga Durres every day on: 05:00
Struga Tirana every day on: 05:00
Ohrid Durres every day on: 04:30
Ohrid Tirana every day on: 04:30
Struga Vlora every day on: 05:00
Ohrid Vlora every day on: 04:30
Struga Saranda every day on: 05:00
Ohrid Saranda every day on: 04:30

Durres Struga every day on: 15:00
Durres Ohrid every day on: 15:00
Vlora Struga every day on: 13:00
Vlora Ohrid every day on: 13:00
Saranda Struga every day on: 11:30
Saranda Ohrid every day on: 11:30

The fact that Senad Tours has expanded his Routes and has increased the number of vehicles and drivers, confirms that the company has earned trust amongst the passengers.

Sincerity and Respect for customers, is an undisputed rule for Senad Tours Team.

Senad Tours Transportation counts already 8 Vehicles: 1 Bus 34 seats, 2 minibus 24 seats, 2 Minibus 20 seats, 1 Minibus 15 seats, 1 Mercedes Vito 8 seats and 1 VW Sharan 6 seats.

All vehicles are climatized and possess high-class comfort.

Legal Information

Senad Tours Dooel

6334 Veleshta - Struga
North Macedonia

Telefon: 00389 70 212 106

Telefon: 00389 70 641 302

Telefon: 00389 70 212 145


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